High Quality Vital Honey VIP Old


  • For a distinguished feminine look with exceptional vitality.

  • For an instant energy.

  • Improves skin complexion. No freckles.


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Vital Honey VIP Old

How to use:

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Take one sachet 2 hours before intercourse by taking into account the amount of drinking fluids “recommended to be taken after food

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Per Sachet effect continues for a period of not less than 48 hours so it is advisable to avoid eating on a daily basis and in very rare cases the dosage only takes effect in the second day of use, according to the body’s reaction. 

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Do not use by patients with kidney failure or heart patients “chronic hypertension – ischemia” In addition to children and pregnant women

Cheap Vital Honey VIP Old Near Me

Contain per pack based on 12sachets -15 grams per sachet .

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Manufactured with Japanese technology

STORAGE: Keep in dry place at room temperature away from sun light. To Buy Cheap Vital Honey VIP Old Contact Us 

PACKING: 12 sachets X 15 g / Box




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